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David Mullen born in California spent the majority of his youth and began his culinary experience more than 30 years ago in Northern New Jersey. Moving out to the Southern Lake Tahoe area 20 years ago, David attended Lake Tahoe Community College where he majored in Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Management. Dave’s ongoing passion for cooking and is love for the natural beauty of the Tahoe area inspired him to embark in a new and creative concept, hence, the birth of Exquisite Grill.


Growing up in Northern New Jersey right outside of New York City Dave was immersed in different cultures, food, flavors and techniques. After graduating Dave spent several years working in various restaurants, and different venues perfecting this craft, giving him a strong creative flair with food. Mullen focuses on highlighting regional foods, prime meats, with an emphasis on fresh. His dishes come from serious culinary pedigree and his cuisine, although primarily grilled, bar-b-qued rotisserie and smoked is creative and seamlessly executed via his own outdoor kitchen. Mullen’s dishes feature exciting techniques, but as a chef he is rooted in the basics. His sauces, marinades and specialty rubs are both complex and simplistic and are bursting with flavor, making your crave his dishes again and again.


Because of Millen’s unique approach to cooking on site, in his own outdoor kitchen, Exquisite Grill gives you distinct advantage of having your own personal chef at your affair to really impress your crowd and assure flawless execution, while simultaneously, keeping your costs down. So, when you want to turn ordinary into extraordinary Exquisite Grill is the answer!


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